Monday, 21 July 2008

Final leg...get it kicking!

Well...I can't help not mourning and brooding over a badly done paper today. It was my most dissapointing moment having known I've done something very silly in the exam. Sigh, I must not give up.

I'm so glad to have friends who tiredlessly gave me the encouragement to go on. Many thanks! Indeed everyone is very stress. I mean VERY.

Wednesday will be the last paper, Evidence. Honestly, I love reading Evidence. But this doesn't mean that I may do well in the exams (exam questions may be tricky at times and I won't be able to think and recall properly under stress).

Last paper!

How can I not look forward to it?

My faithful pens
( I prefer the Hi-Tec 05. In fact, I've changed the G-Tec ink to Hi-Tech)

1 Yawns:

Stephanie Wong said...

hehehe karen your handwriting is still the same as in high school! :)


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