Thursday, 3 December 2009

When I read the newspaper everyday

At one point, I quit reading newspaper (except the cinema showtime part and probably the entertainment section) to  prevent the increase of stress level. I know, I just happen to know every single day and without a miss, there will be some silly news provoking some weak nerves. Those are news on what the politicians have to say on a certain subject matter. They appeared as though they are very smart. And they sound like they have a lot of time talking and doing nonsense.

Number 1 : The PKFZ saga. It's never ending. The moment I saw "PKFZ", I just skip to a more interesting headline.

Number 2 : What the PM said and how the DPM and following Ministers subsequently contradicts each other. Can't they decide what statements to issue before publishing it?

Number 3: The May 13. Is it going to happen again? I don't know. As far as I am concern, I am living harmoniously with other people. If we have 1Malaysia, then why is Utusan Malaysia always think that certain race is under attack? Hello, everybody is busy trying to earn a living....I suggest Utusan to publish more meaningful news if they want to earn more sales.

Number 4 : Politicians never ending, never tired attacking each other verbally, physically and emotionally and maybe financially (maybe sexually too!). Oh please! Bring your spat out from the newspapers and newsportal.  Such an embarassment to the country. Shouldn't their time be spent on thinking ways to improve our economy and our paycheck to correspond with the escalating cost of living?????!!!
All talk only, no action. Smart.

'Very wise' of the politicians to tear, and now step on some so-called glamorous posters. Sigh.

2 Yawns:

Nic Da Nic said...

they always like this one...

words are twisted all the time

so...i dun into politics
bored to hear

Karen said...

another thing is racial politics as pioneered by DrM. Although he denied so..alalalalaa....


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