Friday, 19 February 2010

I was here (yesterday)

Next time, the entrance to my house should be something like this - GRAND green lush bamboo. Even better if there's fountain behind it. Got air, got water = fengshui. 

In the morning, I will sit in the front porch to surf the internet while sipping my Java Chip. My maine coon will be lying beside me trying to observe flying birds. I will fix a home surround system to play Chopin everyday (or should I hire a pianist instead?).

In the afternoon, I will nap like never before. No one will be entitled to take my beauty sleep away. Even prince charming is not allowed to wake me up, unless if I'm having a bad nightmare (noonmare?) [ You know like those times when you feel pressed half awake - can't move, can't even shout ].  Ok, but if I have such a beautiful house entrance like this, I think I will only have sweet dreams. And only the sweetest. MMmMmMmmmmm...

At night, I'll be feasting on Sushi with fresh salmon and ebikko. Great chefs will come over just to marinate and grill salmons while I'll wine and dine in the pool. Are you drooling now????? 

You know, all these reminds me of The Sims 2. The only fantasy of luxury that I can easily achieve is in the virtual world. What do you expect, one hot tub there only cost 8000simoleons. Somemore the Sims don't have to work, cheat codes will do! But one thing they don't have there is massage chair. I think I need that. 


This is actually one of the entrances at Alamanda. Still, it's mesmerizing right??? 

6 Yawns:

thomas said...

Alamanda,where is it?

Tekkaus said...

Wow...goodness. The entrance to Alamanda is that beautiful?

Karen said...

@Thomas it's in Putrajaya, forgot whch presinct

@tekkaus it caught my attention better than d shops inside

TS Lim said...

Nice. I wonder how it looks like at night.

Alpha Ace said...

the garden was so beautiful and relaxing.
i can feel that tranquillizing moment too ^^

Ajey Mahat said...

i like this photo..:)


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