Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wedding Bells !!

Me getting married ???????(how come I didn't know) LOL..not so fast lah..

Just want to share with everyone, Fish Leong's wedding at Philippines. Simply awesome. And of course, congratulations to our dear Malaysian talented singer!

I still recall the time I heard her song on a cruise on Huang Pu River Tours. Felt so proud of her! See here.

Isn't it cool to have own wedding video/wedding trailer? 

*I'm actually hinting.

5 Yawns:

kenwooi said...

watched it before.. very nice.. =)

thomas said...

the title is quite deceiving,thought can come here to congratulate you,hah!

Karen said...

@Kenwooi: Yeah i saw that too earlier today. But wud like to keep a post here as well.

@thomas: lol! never too early, but i still enjoy being mom's little girl

Alpha Ace said...

geeee... this was an expensive production of photography n video leh~

not all have it lah~
still the most important part is happy ever after n mutually work things out 2gather. We had seen so many promise here n promise there n touching moments at every wedding ...but still end up in DIVORCE~~~

choi~! dai gut lai si ....

wish them Happy Ever After lah~
and all the best to you too ya~


Tekkaus said...

Congrates to her. :D


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