Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm somewhere

Sipping a cup of Java Chip like there's no tomorrow. After few days (actually 2 weeks) of dry spells and extremely hot weather, I'm now suddenly in a place with lesser heat and humidity. Phew! You know, I wonder how anyone can survive without air-cond in KK. With such heat, one can easily get nightmare in sleep. You know, those poisonous snakes or murderors chasing for your life or drowning but takes forever to drown.

And like hot tissue paper being stuck inside nostrils and yet can miraculously breathe. Ok, I feel suffocated now.

At the same time, there's no need for you to go sauna in KK. You can come to my house, bring your bikini (guys can bring triangular trunks) and body butter to experience the sauna without the burning coal. The effect is as good (maybe better!). Long accumulated body toxins will definitely be sweated out.

Who wants sauna? Book your trial session now.

p/s: But must clean up your own dripping sweat.

p/s: a guy sitting behind my table is burping non-stop. Somemore he's smoking! Wish I can shove the hot tissue papers down his nostrils!

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