Monday, 4 October 2010

Why I think is Namewee just an internet phenomenon (and not superstar)

Alright, I don't know if he did aim to be a superstar but who cares, huh. This guy undeniably got talents but a misused talent I must say. He has the right voice but LOUSIEST lyrics (except for Negarakuku which is rather phenomenal).

Today I watched his latest video: 

The nice opening melody is totally spoilt by the frequent *toot toot self censorship and meaningless lyrics. I expected something better. :-(

From the look of his Facebook page, it seems that a lot of younger ethnic Chinese are unhappy with the things going on around Malaysia (who the hell is happy anyway). Hey, but there's a lot of other ways of expressing that gloom. Say, doing a parody? Or injecting loads of sarcasm? As an educated generation, the last thing we do is to express ourselves with vulgarities and profanities. Maybe an occasional 'f' and 's' word is fine but MODERATION please!

I think schools should start teaching pupils what is courtesy and fairness. You be fair to other people before expecting them to be fair to you. Agree?

Anyway, kudos to Namewee's many balls - but I did expect something better than this!!

p/s: This is a genuine demand/request for quality music.

2 Yawns:

Kenny Oh Ngu said...

omg... what is this song?

Karen said...

I have no idea too @Kenny. It's pathetic..wasted that melody!


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