Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Zhang Jia Jie 张家界 - Travelling

1st day of travel consist of 2 1/2 hours flight from Kota Kinabalu to Shenzhen, 2 1/2 hours bus ride from Shenzhen to Guangzhou and 2 hours train ride from Guangzhou to Changsha, Hunan. Basically whole day of travelling. 

2-3rd day - traveled from Changsha to Shaoshan, Chairman Mao Zedong's hometown. Visited his childhood home and Mao Zedong's square. After that was 7+ hours bus ride to FengHuang. 7 HOURS...please take note. I slept, woke up, slept and woke up..slept again and woke up and it was still 3.30 pm in the afternoon and the bus was still running. Everybody's head were dangling from the sideways. Caught some drooling..nah..LOL I was sitting behind so the most I could see was people's hair turned into a 鸡公头 (rooster head)After hours of 'fishing' in the bus finally we get to see FengHuang Ancient City. It was awesome and totally worth the 7 hours ride - at the same time was drop dead tired. 

Ah..let me show you something..

The megalong queues (sometimes lasted to close to about 30 minutes) we had to endure when entering tourist spots. China internal tourism is crazy. These people love cutting queues and pushing around. Now, it's not just the Chinese who are doing this. The Korean aunties are 2x5. Malaysians are too small sized to do anything. >.< Plus, our voices added up together are not as loud any ONE of them. Serious.

This is the scenic view in front of Chairman Mao's childhood home. It's so beautiful that I don't even feel like leaving. If only his old home is up for sale. :-P

Me and my cousin

The tour group at Mao Zedong's square. Try spotting youngster... :-P

Geese at a restaurant at FengHuang Ancient City. Hmhmhm...might have ended up in someone's plate by now. >.<

Vats of tasty wine. By the way, the alcohol content of the wine made by Tujia's are quite high. Approx 50-60% which is higher than your regular whisky. Gulp at one go and it burns like mad, though the smell is really good.

Map of FengHuang Ancient City. I was informed that there were 3 or 4 streets and a river. They even have bars (yes!) which is kinda cool. Someday I would love to stay for few nights to enjoy the village clubbing scene. Just picture ancient Chinese building with modern Chinese songs. Shopping at FengHuang is a must. In fact I regretted not buying some of the items there. Sigh..should I really make that 7 hours trip there in the future??

Houses built on stilts facing Tujiang (the river). The boats are for hired accompanied by famous Tujia folk songs (Tujia folks love to sing).

Another ancient city of Furong.

After Furong, we headed to Zhangjiajie.

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