Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Zhang Jia Jie 张家界 - The real deal

People say picture speaks a thousand words and its true. I have no other words to describe the magnificent views in Zhangjiajie except that the cable cars were crazy. Whoever built it were crazy! How on earth did they managed it?! Its crazy I tell you. The ride was fantastic blessed with superb views. I was totally awed.....until now. 

I was telling my cousin that I pity those who has to go up the hill via this road. Doesn't it look worse than the ones at 'Tokyo Drift'? But you know what? We got a taste of this road when travelling to Tian Men San 天门山. Wasn't as scary as I thought. Phewwwwww....And the bus drivers were good. 

Another crazy road. *white on earth did they make that road??

3 Yawns:

Chelle said...

Hey, Zhang Jia Jie does it refer to the origin of the Chong Family? haha~ I'm curious...

Ace Angel said...

wah~ amoi, syok nya u pergi melancong ya ..kekeke~

I really like these pics here, felt like wanted to go too ^^

eeee... the gondola looks dangerous leh very high and far from each other.

Anyway, hope i may visit u guys more.
Well, i got fixed my new link d ^_^

Karen said...

@Chelle - not related to Chong Family but then there was this general called Zhang Liang who was said to be buried around there.

But we can always take it as the Chong's paradise..hehehehhhhh

@Ace - yes you should visit that place..but go during cold season coz there'll be a lot of walking and you don't want to be profusely sweating. Genting's cable car can't beat this.


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