Friday, 26 November 2010

AirAsia ripping us off again

Previously they decided to charge us for convenience fee although it's just plain logical to use credit cards to purchase tickets online. Now they want to charge us for checking in at the counters. Read here

What the hell, Tony?! 

If I go holiday, say to Cambodia, how are you expecting me to go online to check in and print out that boarding pass? Hey hey!!! This is not right. More so to rip us AFTER all those promos. 

This is really unethical. Ok, when has AirAsia been ethical anyway? 

Soon they'll be charging to use the stairs to board and disembark the flight and to use the umbrella when raining.

3 Yawns:

thomas said...

It's normal,they are always like that.

Chelle said...

What??!! more charges? @#*&(^@$

choonhong said...

Estimate the total of the hidden charges before the booking, the price is about the same with Mas Airline, i assume. btw, i don't agree with this, how if the server down and the webpage unload. He's trying to save/cut down the front counter employee


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