Friday, 26 November 2010

Running over cats and dogs

This morning while on the way to work, I witnessed a white cat almost being ran over by a 4WD. OMG!! Thankfully the car was kind enough to slow down so that the cat can run back to safety and think twice about crossing the road. In fact my father said that the cat was attempting to cross the road for few time. Heck, why can't they just stay properly in one place?! Poor cat poor cat.

A good 10 minutes after driving, we then saw blood smears on the road. A dog. Black colour dog being ran over and we couldn't swerve on time to avoid driving over it. >>.<<

Some years ago while driving to Ranau, I remembered a dog which had his front limbs being knocked by a car. OMG the dog was in tremendous pain and keep on crying. It hopped in front of a big lorry to cry for help and I refuse to see what happened after that. Perhaps the lorry driver would be kind to it. I hope. 

Perhaps what drivers can do is not to accelerate when seeing animals crossing. In less busy roads, it doesn't hurt get out of the car to remove these animals from blocking your way. But I guess most of the time, these things just happens.  

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