Thursday, 11 November 2010

Malaysian Patriotism

It is revealed our Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is quite eccentric when he said that the "lack of patriotism" is the reason for low number of non-Malays to join the arm forces. Read here.


One pertinent question before I continue : How is one's career choice determines his patriotism?
Next question is : How do we measure patriotism?
Next next question is : What is patriotism?

Next following the next question : If patriotism is measured by joining the arm forces, should we, Malaysians of all races, religion, age and gender sign up to join the arm forces so that we can show our patriotism?

You know, I think it's kinda cool to have the whole country of armies. It must be cool to stay and work in the barracks and to free ourselves from bread and butter issues (because the government is going to pay our salaries). It'll be so cool that day in day out we'll only have to wait for war befalling on our country (God forbid!). If the imagined enemies fail to show up at our shores, fret not. We'll  just head home after 5.30pm to catch up some drama series from Astro. 

Good Malaysians needless be perplexed on this issue. Time is better spent in planning for your holidays after purchasing that free seat from AirAsia. 

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