Sunday, 24 June 2007

Beijing Day 4 - 18th June

Today is the day we visited Tian Tan a.k.a. Temple of Heaven, where the Emperor worships. The weather just like few days ago, cool and breezy but misty. Xiao Li told us that it was not haze. Great, coz it doesn't smell like one too, but other people insisted that it was. Fine.
Normal attitude, if you're not interested in China history, don't waste your money in Beijing. At least this time, I had more time to look at the exhibitions especially the process of heaven worshipping. was a processful of wine pouring.
Tian Tan - Temple of Heaven (we are standing on where the Emperor only walkway. It's slightly higher than the sideways)

Admiring the roof art, preserved and renovated.

Wanna dance cha-cha? Outside Tian Tan, people of Beijing have dancing classes, taiji, Er Hu classes and many more folklore activities. It is as if Tian Tan area has become the public park. Retirees spent their time there.

Beijing Chaoyang district,_Beijing
Our hotel is around this area, so I took some scenic pictures. Chaoyang is anything but new. During night time(outside hotel), people will come out to drink beer and have chinese 'satay' which serves pork and mutton. I didn't try's a good peaceful place la..


Other Beijing scenery

Amidst urbanisation, we can still see these really old houses. Mind you, there are still people who lives there.

Even bicycles also have to wait for their turn in the traffic light. However, there are times when whose turn is it, it's a mess and yet no accident.

Buses run by electricity? With this, the traffic is even messier coz there are certain route for these buses.


Did not snap any photos in Tianjin as we were brought there for lunch only. Lunch was Muslim style steamboat with special delicacies like mutton (mountain goat) and Gou Bu Li pao. 1st time in my life that steamboat soup is just plain water and it's lighted by charcoal. If you're not someone who is adventurous to try something like this, then it's not for you. But other than that, it's nice, expecially the noodle. After lunch, we were brought back to Beijing and while on the way, we managed to visit an art gallery.

Yes, the art gallery. It's something which you'll never see in Malaysia. The art is made of needle work and I tell you, it's more beautiful than a picture! A tiger art looks sooooooo real as if it'll roar the next minute, every strand of it's beard can be seen clearly. Pictures of sceneries also looked like 3D. It's amazing!

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