Thursday, 14 June 2007

For the trip....

The Borneo cat is to travel to China tommorow! The flight will be around 12noon, 1st transit over in HongKong...then about 3.30pm from HongKong, will leave for Beijing..after that..I guess will be for dinner. However, I'm not sure where is the 1st station..but all I know is, I'll be sharing room with the tour leader.

Hopefully, there'll be no rain, no terribly hot sun and no sunburn!
May the weather will be a breeze...(how nice if it's spring now...or i'll just imagine that it is).

I'll be visiting the Great Wall, Forbidden City and several big night markets...

Until then, the cat said MEOW

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domie said...

hey borneo cat, hope u have a great holiday. Enjoy yrself and remember to take tons of pics for me. :)

Get me a pic of the great wall


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