Friday, 29 June 2007

To you 'whom' I most detest

House pest, I'm going to tell you.

First, I shall detest lipas. When I woke up this morning before breakfast, the appearance of a large cockroach on the wall really terrified me. I hated them since young, and safe to say they bring no benefit to us humankind besides pestering us around. That's why they are called PEST. Further, they are not attractive at all. The most feared type of cockroach is those which can fly! No matter how much aerosol i sprayed towards it, it won't die. Then when I looked at the aerosol can, it say only effective on mosquito and flies. Goodness. How am I going to keep on guard the whole day. Then i began to search online as to how I can get rid of this pest successfully. Search attempt futile as I began typing 'croachoches', ' crocoches', 'croacoch', all didn't seem right. I guess I had to bear with it for a while.

I remember in form 5 biology class where we had to do an experiment on cockroach to see how it breathes. Surely I wasn't the one to put the cockroach into the test tube(forgot who in my group did that) but the best part towards the end of the experiment where we did not need the cockroach anymore, we drowned it right inside the test tube itself. I mean who want to let it off on the school ground? Cruel as it sounds, it's hard to say i regret seeing such an act T_T (of torture).

Second, I shall detest cicak!

Cicak (wall lizards or gecko) are actually quite helpful creatures as they consume the mosquitoes that live in your home ... but some people don't like them scurrying about the walls and ceilings of their home."

I don't care whether they are helpful or not, but i really do not like the sight of them at all. All the cicak in my house is well fed with mosquitoes and ants and should i thank them? I doubt because they always playing around and i had to stomped my feet to tell them that they should go back hiding in their respective place. I can't imagine any crossing my feet or I accidentally step on them or any of them falling on my head when i open wall cabinets!

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