Monday, 25 June 2007

Beijing Day 6 - 20th June

Good Morning Chengde, we woke up exceptionally early that day, as told to avoid the hot sun during mid-noon which will spoil our mood for the sight-seeing. Chengde's hotel served better buffet breakfast than Chaoyang's one. ---it's different from Chengdu.
Our first stop was Mountain Resort
I shall not elaborate long on the facts of the Resort as it's all in Wikipedia.
In the entrance

The emperor's study. The whole room is made of Nanmu, a sweet smelling and cooling wood. It also repels insects and that is why the room (building) still looks as great today. No termites.

The rock behind us is the staircase to the 1st floor of the building

"Hello, I'm a cute deer. Feed me with biscuits, and watermelon".

Doesn't this look something like Jiangnan?

Taking a mini cruise to further parts of 'Southern China'


Mini Mongolia

Next, Putuo Zhongcheng Temple-the mini Potala

Look at the human carry chair behind me. We were told that opening fee or it were 20yuan. But as the steps goes higher, the carrer will demand for more so by the time you reach the top, the amount might get as high as 300yuan! So better get your 2 feet going and climb the stairs yourself unless you wan to enjoy the feel of being a king. I mean these carers aren't rich guys, if you're generous, feel free.

Here we are Tibet!

On the way back to Beijing

Lush green vege!

The journey back to Beijing was better than when going to Chengde although there were still frequent overtaking and honkings. Final night in Beijing, felt like time has certainly run a bit too fast.

Final tour to Chang An street, where all the posh shopping, offices and apartments are there.

This is the starting of the street...

Beijing Day 7 - 21st June

Woke up at 5.30 am! Today we were leaving for Kota Kinabalu. Bye Bye Beijing, though I donno when shall I visit you again. All the best in Olympic 2008!

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domie said...

cute first pic. i like it :P

domie said...

wow, u can start a documentary on China. Really like the explainations and pics.


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