Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Breaking news....(it will break) Fuel hike RM0.78 less than 24 hours notice

So petrol price will increase to RM2.70 per littre with effect from 12am today. RM2.70!!! Crazy meh...

After this, not only petrol price will increase but everything else except salary.

Just now, I bought one packet of nasi lemak near college with a price of RM2.30. Last month (barely few days ago) was RM2 per packet.

Today's double boil soup at the shop cost RM4 per bowl while last month was RM3.80. I heard a bag of 10kg rice now cost about RM58! Hey....I think i'll have to reduce portion of my meal (my current portion is small enough), and probably 2 meals a day. Nevermind going hungry.

Just when I thought of switching to induction cooker and other electrical appliance, another jolt came when Tenaga Nasional will increase price of electricity by 18%. So brace up people! Start eating raw food least salad is not too bad, add some mayo for carbs!
It's good to start your own mini farm at home by planting vege and fruits. I wonder if a small plot at home to plant paddy will work. But rearing chickens at home is no-no:-
(1) the chicken shit smells
(2) Tedious for working adults
(3) Can you eat your own 'pet'?

Perhaps the government should spend more to invest on solar power. Afterall, Malaysia is blessed with ample sunlight throughout the year (except when it thunderstorms). So, I plead for government to put aside the astronout programme for a while.

Encourage citizens to cycle is not too bad. But Prime Minister and his Deputy should take the lead. But THANKS LAH PRIME MINISTER TO ANNOUNCE THE PETROL HIKE AT THE 11th HOUR! It was so much fun being stuck at the jam.

At around 8.30pm, petrol is sold out in most KL stations.

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