Sunday, 1 June 2008

Have you shown compassion?

In Malaysia, we always said that we're so blessed because our country is situated out of the disaster zone, be it volcanoes, typhoon, eathquake etc., although sometimes we get to feel tremors, haze from volcanic regions and the 'tail' of the typhoon. And that is enough to scare us - and cause havoc. What more a real disaster.

As we know, the Asian region was struck with cyclone in Myanmar and earthquake in Sichuan, China recently. Apart from lending a hand with what you have to help, many of us failed to even realise how lucky we are to be alive and grateful that disasters spared us.

I stumbled upon this video in Youtube..

If we can be compasionate with disaster victims, surely we can be compasionate with those next to us.

Note: The Book of Sirach 8:7 said, "Do not rejoice at the death of any man, remember that we shall all die".

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