Monday, 23 June 2008

Facial treament

Today in response to an advertisement in newspaper offering free first-trial for facial, I went to the said beauty salon in Midvalley. At the start, the beautician (hereinafter referred to as "she") brought me to a small blue room where consultation with regard to my skin was given. So she did this computer scan on my face...where my skin look like tree bark! Of course...i knew and know my skin is a problematic skin. I don't need an upclose view to see that.

So after this brief consultation about my face, I was brought into the treatment room and have to change to a shoulder baring clad. I was expecting the exfoliation to be real rubbing and scrubbing. Instead, she just applied and wipe off. Wow..Overall treatment was not too bad, they used mint product on me which made me think of chocolate-mint ice-cream.

After treatment............

I was brought back to the consultation room for further consultation. Voila!..My skin looks clean and yes, I can see my collagen. But then I thought to myself - If she scanned my skin every morning after my daily wash, wouldn't it be as clean? Surely it wouldn't be as oily as the initial scan.

After comparing the before and after effect..the real marketing strategy comes in. She drew up packages prices for 20 sessions which cost RM 5600! RM5600!!!!!! I was thinking about new laptops and college tuition fees in the event I fail my CLP. It was a battle between beauty and knowledge. And because the effect of 1st time treatment was good, I tried to enquire if they have cheaper packages.

Yes, they do. 10 session would cost RM2800. Still for that price, I can get another cheaper range laptop or a PDA. Even a HP mini! Or iPhone.

The she suggested 5 session. RM1400. The I was thinking about the facial package my sister signed up with another salon also in Boulevard which cost her RM 1200 for 20 sessions. The difference between 5 and 20 is too great.

So I told her I can't take the package expensive. Equivalent to RM280 per session. RM280! I could put the money into better use and get good facial treatments.

The problem is this. When people sign up for facial package or any package, they expect prices to be lower because you are serious about it. But in this case, no..20 sessions also RM280, 5 sessions also RM280.

After much difficulty in persuading me, she went to get her collegue who has student voucher. So it'll be 3 sessions also RM280 each plus free 1 set of full sized product. RM 740 is still a lot for 3 sessions. Well, after giving up trying to get them reduce their price, I said nevermind then. Next time when I can afford then I'll come back. Then I told them I have to go back home and think. She even asked whether I'm serious about doing facial or not. Whoa! Does she think I enjoy walking around with a pimply face?

Then the trick come. She said, "You have to sign up today or else our offer will lapse". Meaning, it wouldn't be Rm280 per sessions anymore but it'll be around RM615 per session! She listed down all the items as to why it would cost RM615, and even use a calculator.

Girl ar..your one bottle of product is cheaper than you using it there and then to treat my face? One small ampoule treatment in the salon cost RM90. All she needs to do is to peel it off and apply on my face. A single mask treatment cost RM160.

Further, they don't have a brochure (seems like price quoting according to whims and fancies). I even asked them why they never give proper information in the newspaper advertisement.

I admit that I was really tempted to sign up for the student package but on the otherhand the word "BUDGET!!!" keep on staring back at me. They persuaded me by all means asking how I prefer to make payments etc. and even gave me choice to use ATM. Wuah! Sounds so flexible right? I was to tempted to pay deposit at that time but in the end when I reach the reception, I chickened out and I can see the dissapointment boiling from her stomach all the way up. She didn't even give me the 3 free samples as promised in the advertisement. But I didn't bother to ask anyway.

I'm glad that I 'chickened out' in the end and I guess it is just the right place to do so. At the reception where the exit door is behind. It's because they couldn't stop you from leaving or persuading you futher.

Why am I glad? Just now i read a blog post about the beauty salon and readers comments. Turn out to be more negative comments than positive. Sorry lah...bad business practices shouldn't be the way.

I kept reminding myself that the economy is not good, hike of food prices, petrol and now stationery.....I can't indulge in a Rm280 per session facial treatment without being allowed to make an informed choice. I'm sure there are many more capable and good beauty salons elsewhere which doesnt ask me how I prefer to pay before me agreeing to sign-up for any packages. And I've made the right choice by rejecting the offer.

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