Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Destination Sabah (Part 1)

It's my 3rd year of fantastic holiday in Sabah (there was none last year) eversince I did my LLB. Now that I've graduated last year, this year would probably be the last for me to have a group of friends to come over and visit and I to join them having a blast.

With adventure and nature in mind, Sabah will never be a boring place. And be prepared to get tanned!

Finally 1st time flying wif Dom in AirAsia

KK must visit jogging park at Bukit Padang

Sunset near my house

Mt. Kinabalu

Visiting the Kundasang War Memorial Park

Kundasang War Memorial

Kundasang War Memorial Park may just be another flower garden which serves no purposes except for visitors to have a scenic view of Mt.Kinabalu and it's pretty flowers there.
Less known to others, this site is actually dedicated to the memory of the 2,428 Australians and British POWs who died in Sandakan, Ranau or on the Death Marches.

There are 4 beautiful gardens : Australian, British, Borneo and Contemplation Garden and Pool.

Entrance with lush greens to greet

The pathway

And guess what I've found.......

A cute tabby!

Meet 'Ah Bee'. She's a very well mannered cat and will greet visitors with a "Meow"

And she's very playful too!

Rose growing out of nowhere

A display of my artwork..wished I had a SLR

English Garden, feeling like in England except the warm weather

Dedication to the English Army

This must be the Contemplation garden and pool

A peek into the Borneo Garden

Superb view of Kundasang from the War Memorial

Poring Hot Springs, Ranau

I've been to this place zillion of times but what to do. Initially, I wanted to visit the Sabah Tea Garden which is 11km from the Hot Spring. However, due to negligence when reading the sign board, I had to end up in Hot Spring.

Sungai Mamut at the entrance

I also caught some pictures of the beautiful sky....

Sunset. Can you see sun's reflection on the sea?

Dom driving back in the sunset.

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Dominic said...

Wah, i feel so honoured to fly with you for the first time.


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