Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Really glad my Birthday was after the exam. It was my first time celebrating it in KL. Supposedly I could've celebrated it with friends but because my mom was at KL that time....so...yeah.

But Dom took me to Shogun in Sunway Pyramid. Then I know he hid the new wing from me previously...so many new shops!

The Shogun in Sunway has a slightly different variety than the branch in 1Utama. Here, they have chocolate fondue and even ginseng tea! My dream to taste the fondue finally came true.

Mouth watering sushis....YUM YUM!

Birthday camwhoring session

Mom booked a night in Swiss Garden International Hotel. Facilities not bad but the location is a bit troublesome, difficult to travel except by taxi.

I don't know why sometimes taxis are unreasonable. Such a near distance from the hotel to KTM station Kuala Lumpur would cost RM15! Even when I took a taxi from LRT station Cheras back to my condo would cost RM4 (for 5 minutes ride) where the meter ticks especially faster than normal. This is what I don't like about taxi. They want to earn a living and gain symphathy from others, on the other hand cheat their passengers. Why would I say this? Because a taxi ride from LRT Bandar Tun Razak back to my condo (which the distance is longer, 15 minutes ride) cost only RM5.40.

If the taxi departs from hotel, no matter how you plead with teary eye that you are a local ..they will not use the meter but instead charge you an exhorbitant fee, eg: RM15 for a 10 minutes ride.

Don't mention buses. They're cheap but the amount of time spend waiting for them to come and depart equals to walking yourself to the destination.

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