Monday, 11 August 2008

The holiday has begun!

In conjuction with Kenny's birthday and after exam celebration, my first holiday stop (25.7.2008) were in Puchong having a nice steamboat buffet in Shabu-Shabu. It has similar restaurant in Wangsa Maju called Shabu Mix. However, the one in Puchong offered wider variety for a reasonable price.

I like the concept of having your own pot and pick your own choice of food. It's hygienic, simple and fast. And the induction cooker is pretty efficient, except that your food won't taste like "wow".

With Kenny, Dom, Chee Hong and Melvin..and ors

Yum! A nice bowl of soup. My favourite wantan is there

I'm in deep need of good and sumptous food to regain weight again. After few months of stress, finally I can eat as much without the urge of going back home to study.

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