Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Safari land

Recently, I suspected that my house's backyard has turned in to a safari land. Why? I have about six (6) mini tigers waiting for food day and night. Even when these noisy carnivours are not within the house compound, they're are in the vicinity observing, sometimes elongating their necks to see any movement in my house.

They are like these leopards.....(1)hiding behind and ready to pounce.

(Rare persian leopards...found these pics on yahoo....very cute lehhhhhhhhhhhh wish i can touch one.)

(kittens peeping through the grasses and fence)

(2)Looming and roaming freely waiting for prey

(uih...the adult look sullenly fierce....i think the cubs can only meow..hehahahaha)

(how can you ever deal with these cats????? So many and uncontrollable. And you can't even shut their mouth...NOISY!..all in few colours..either gold or black)

(3)Most outrageously, they have representative to stand guard on the watch tower, a.k.a. house fence (looking through from my neighbour's compound).

Meet Biu Biu's twin bro...he's the noisiest cat in the neighbourhood. Good at jumping and buat muka kesian.
He was there to ask whether I have any food for him but i said 'No'. Wasn't even lunch or dinner time.
Strays, but how can I not love them...cats are blessings to house..they are the decorative gems adding live to your fixated furnitures. That is why, Love Thy Cat (and the strays).
Although not all stray cats look like my beloved fat cat (previous post), but all of them are still mini tigers and deserve our love. Don't just only pamper the fatty fur ball...

Love me too, purr (Biu Biu and twin bro. Behind: Meowger)

(note: some pics taken last year...but they compose of the same cats)

2 Yawns:

domie said...

i love biu biu. Very nice and unique pictute

fionay said...

oh gosh biubiu n twin bro exactly same looking!!!btw ur hsing area has lots of stray cats roaming...haihss i miss seeing kittens around!too bad all my cats all kena mandulkan liao!but yeah they r irritating but nice to annoy with ma...hahahaha!now they all old liao dun like to playplay n naughtynaughty dy!but less damage n less work n to be done la ;)


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