Monday, 6 August 2007

Wake up for Election!

Dear friends, if you have NOT BEEN registered for the upcoming's high time you do so. Be someone who is responsible, even if you don't feel like voting, please vote. It's just as simple as going to the voting centre, pick a pencil and put a cross in the'll change the future for the next 5 years (and possibly longer than that)! 5 years is long and enduring, anything can happen within the 5 years..who knows Parliament roof will just leak for the next 5 years and you don't want to waste that preciously paid with reluctance tax money to repair that stupid roof where your houseroof is leaking due to heavy monsoon rain and need repair as well (at least this time Mr. Vellu would not be responsible for it).

You want continuous improvements in the country and not some last minute improvements to the road in your house taman just to fish for some cheap votes. You want good and dedicated civil service and not having to wait for brunch after lunch after tea nonsense for the officer to secretly pop back to his office, grab his bag and cabut for the day.
You don't want to go through major economic upheaval for the next 5 years when your salary slip is printed with the same figures for years and years. If you prefer to cycle to school, college, work, shopping because you need to save petrol, think again, our sun here is roundly HOT and burning.

But for those who did...sit back and enjoy the monkey shows between political leaders...all those childish bickerings (when you read those main stream newspapers), man....when are they going to grow up and really deserve to be called Yang Berhormat/YAB?

Meanwhile, have some fun at these:

and maybe, think who should you vote for this time. I know Malaysia is experiencing 'middle age' (50 years old) but the country need us the voters to sustain it and YOU are one of them.

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