Thursday, 30 August 2007

Begins another chapter

Summer holiday is ending soon. For 3 months not counting exams, it has been a pleasure in KK eventhough 40% of my time is spent at home. With tv, internet and downloads, who else can get bored with life at home. Another portion of time is spent with attachment at a local law firm and a holiday in Beijing.

Now, thinking that I am about to fly back to KL, it's a vision of blurness again. Back to the city where I have to be independant on my own and the life of having public transport, well, at least I have some freedom. But then, I think I'd rather have some comfort. And i'd definitely miss my golden cats, however, there'll be Persian cats in the pet shop to compensate. I'm looking forward to meet the Fat Cat. I hope he's still in the shop when I'm going to visit.

Well friends in KK, happy college/uni reopen! May we meet again next year, same place KK. Or if you're in KL, maybe can hangout sometimes. To my friends in KL, see you on next Friday! Those who need to shop for graduation, count me in!

Finally, Congratulations to those who pass and excel in exams! See you in CLP (hopefully in the same college).

3 Yawns:

domie said...

nice revamp

Karen said...

finally, i still prefer this stretch version....more comfy to eyes and feel spacious

i like this current header bar :P

Karen said...

but im still clueless on the line spacing, some lines in my previous post have more spaces in between while my recent ones are all close to each other....which is so irritating. i wish i can make it more spacious


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