Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Luncheon

Today I had lunch with my friend, Bernice.

Eh, no lah..not so rich to have lobster lunch LOL (by the way, this is not real lobster)

We just had ours at a nearby Vietnamese cafe. The place is fully packed. If there're no seat, you have to just eat at another place. Lunch time is short so there's no point waiting for an empty table.

But we're lucky today because we manage to get a table. :-)))

Since it's so difficult to get a table and we managed to get one, and because sharing is caring, we also shared our table with another man. Hmhm...he's probably around 40s-50s. He came alone.

So me and Bernice chatted while waiting for our food. Still chatting even though our food arrived and still chatting while eating. The man finished his food. He then called for bill.

"Untuk dua-dua ni", he said.  The waiter replied, "RM20...". 

Huh?! His chicken rice only cost about RM5.50 plus drink also won't come up to RM20 lah. I continued eating. Bernice too.

"Ladies, your lunch is on me. It's my pleasure to share the same table with both of you," he said.

Totally surprised, but thanks! 

6 Yawns:

Supia Chao said...

Wow that man so gentleman oh, dunno you gals also treat you all for lunch.

Kelvin said...

Wat a gentleman:)
But this is a good way to pick up girls too^^
Going to try it next time haha

choonhong said...

such a fortunate, you should order lobster instead LoL

conan_cat said...

walao eh, seriously!! talking bout free lunch, it really exists in this world! xD

lucky you!! :D

caloy said...

The lobster looks like its made out of tomatoes. It looks fancy.

Karen said...

@Supia Chao, @Kelvin and @Conan_cat :I highly encourage more people like this :-)

@choonhong and @caloy : unfortunately viet restaurant dun serve lobster (otherwise i think i will order one)


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