Sunday, 2 September 2007

Sunday at Tuaran tamu

Tamu is Sabah also stands for pasar tani in the West M'sia. Different places have different auspicious days to hold their tamu, for eg: It's sunday for Tuaran, probably Wednesday for Tamparuli (see the lyrics of the song). For me, it doesn't make a difference which day it's held because I rarely shop for vege. Only if my parents need an additional pair of hands, or if's it hypermarket, then I'd join.

In tamu, fresh produce are supposed to be cheaper and fresher. Not only that, if you bargain nicely, you might get extra stuff. Sabahans are generally nice and simple people. It wasn't my first time to the tamu but taking pictures around tamu is something that I did not think I could do.

You see, people busy buying and selling vege and it's just weird for me to stand in the middle and snap something 'nice'. Those adults deal in tamu like they eat rice like it's weird to snap a pic of the bowl of rice you eat everyday. To do it without looking like a sakai is another issue.

But i manage to get these, for fun:

Fresh fishes in brimming blue, flies around it prove that they have not been chemically treated. And also, these are freshly caught.

Those next to bags of langsat are called "darab", or it should sound this way. Very nice tropical fruit, very sweet like cempedak.

The famous Tamparuli hanging bridge a.k.a Jambatan Tamparuli. And they've even wrote a song for this (the most recognised KadazanDusun song ever).....I love it!!!!

Jambatan Tamparuli Artist: Justin Lusah

Pak pak kang ku doh (Pak pak saya melangkah)

Sumunsui do jambatan (Menyusur jambatan)

Jambatan do Tamparuli (Jambatan Tamparuli)

Bakasut tinggi oku (Saya berkasut tinggi)

Sumunsui do jambatan (Menyusur jambatan)

Jambatan do Tamparuli (Jambatan Tamparuli)

Pak pak kang ku doh (Pak pak saya melangkah)

Bakasut tinggi oku (Saya berkasut tinggi)

Silaka nodi kasutku (Celaka kasut saya)

Naratu lo jambatan (Jatuh di jambatan)

Tinggal poh doh sutakin (Hanya tinggal stokin)

Nowid ku di numuli (Yang saya bawa pulang)

Ontok di hari tiga (Pada hari rabu)

Tomu lo Tamparuli (Ada tamu di Tamparuli)

Mingusuk poh hilod kadai (Saya sibuk selongkar kedai)

Mogihum do kasut tinggi (Mencari kasut tinggi)

The Star wrote: "The song actually pokes fun at a woman who crosses a suspension bridge in her high heels. One of her shoes gets loose and falls into the river, prompting her to curse her misfortune. However, the incident does not affect her much as she goes on to buy a new pair at the Wednesday tamu (market)."

Any Sabahans would definitely know this song. Whenever this tune is played, it's an auto start to a Sumazau. Ah, how i miss the days of my primary and secondary school again! It's been almost 5 long years since I left my alma mater.

5 Yawns:

domie said...

What is sakai ? `BLUR~

fionay said...

sakai...i think its something like sampalao...buahahahahha!btw i laughed when u spelled 'darab'...cos it sounds very math-ie o!:P
shame on me....actually i never knew jambatan tamparuli looks like d one fr d pic...i always tot its d small road with gerbang tiang putih (dunno how to xplain...somehow looks a bit like a mini penang bridge :P)...neways 2days ago...i just crossed over a 'mini tamparuli bridge' at perkasa hotel at perkasa hotel...kakakka!!ok ok i noe lame la...but just wanna conteng more on this post mah^^

fionay said...

aiks...i mean at kundasang...sorry my otak cacat dy!hehe

Karen said...

do u pass this area when u go kundasang? Now i donno how many routes oledi...hehehehe

the road bridge below it is even cooler.

sarahmarilyn said...

i know what ure tryin to describe mek! the white jambatan at tamparuli...oh yes i used to think that's the famous tamparuli jambatan until one day dad told me jamba tampa is actually a jambatan gantung..i passed that jamba every year...karen i also miss sfc! i miss everything about sabah!!! eh makin emo pula..sia rasa cam mo balik ja skarang ni


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