Monday, 30 July 2007

Birthday- the Cat Roars

28th was my birthday, although that wasn't why i longed for the weekend to come ( it's because the mon-fri blues in office). I like my birthday to be warm and cosy, rather than huge celebrations. It's a day afterall, but just maybe a little bit special.

First of all, I want to thank all those who had taken that special effort to give me Birthday wishes! Through sms, phonecall, msn, friendster etc's great to know at least you all still remember when is my birthday ( i need to learn from this, you know what i mean).
I'm so blessed to have a birthday in July, that's because it's also few days before Harry Potter's birthday, which is tomorrow! The last Potter book was released on 21st and the 5th movie was released on 11th.'s almost a Potter month and what more I'm big fan of of this Potterboy.

Most excitingly, I got hold of my last Potter book on the 26th. Here's the chronology (some sneak previews before my birthday):

Beautiful gift bags were seen through the windows of MPH on the 21st in the early morning.

All the way from USJ, bundle of gifts from Dom

Happy birthday to me! wow, got my 2 beloved Cat pouches (I once lost one in Petaling street and my heart rolled with it too....).

Birthday-On the day itself

My day was dedicated to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. First few chapters, Hedwig and Moody died! I feel for Harry for how his beloved owl had died in such a way and such a misery that he couldn't even take Hedwig with him on an escape (from Voldermort). George then lose his ear in the battle with Voldermort's supporters. Such a shock that I thought he might die and leave Fred the only twin alive. When Fred came back, it was such a relieve that George was able to joke like nothing happen. Blimey! But the humourous thing was, there were 7 identical Potters from drinking the Polyjuice Potion (was Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Mundungus, Ginny, Fleur) and when they all stripped to change clothes, Harry's privacy and modesty were thoroughly invaded.

Until then, at night went to a yamcha session at Yogur Berry at Warisan Square and Upper *Bintang.

With Jovinia and Glynis. These bowls of yoghurt were superb! A bit pricey, but definitely worth it. Such a healthy eat and won't make you nauseate, not even when you want to take another bowl ( It's not like eating a bowl of cheese and regret after that). Jovinia and Glynis ordered single scoop, so they end up scooping from my bowl also.

Birthday-The Sequel

The sequel was, I went dinner with Fiona and Joslinna and another new nicknamed guy; Mr. Late (actually i was requested by F&J to write a story about it, and the effort is ongoin....need more discussions before embarking on it). At first, this gigi Jaws and Mr. Late had dinner at home. So left me and Fiona who haven't eat. But then when we head to Pizza Hut, esp after me and Fiona plan to eat that extra cheesy pizza, those 2 quickly changed their mind. They forgot that they've eaten dinner not long ago. Somemore, gigi Jaws asked for extra CHEESE.

Yesterday was the final night of meet up for us before Joslinna is really flying back to US. Until then, gigi Jaws, we shall meet in person. I shall miss you and you shall miss me. Amen.

3 Yawns:

domie said...

wow. Two days of birthday celebration. :)

Iced Nyior said...

happy belated birthday karen

Anonymous said...

who is mr late...

huh huh


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