Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A day out with 2 women

After all the lamentings yesterday about being dead bored for the rest of my life (actually till October) and no one had time to spend with me, today I went out with Esther and Josephine. These 2 TOP students are actually my classmates previously and presently in the college. We planned our outing yesterday, with me complaining to Esther that I almost rot at home. There, she promised to accompany me for the whole day tomorrow by first suggesting that we go shopping at Midvalley, then shopping at Masjid India and her giving me some lessons how to choose quality Indian clothing and then have Nasi Briyani for lunch.

So much so, I agreed to everything she suggested and be grateful that someone is actually as free as me and is willing to lepak in KL. Hm, so I thought since we're meeting very early in college, I might as well call Josephine for breakfast at 'Starbucks' behind the lorong. Yeah, she woke up late and pretending not to hear any further, I told her, "Get dressed and see you there."

Here's how 'Starbucks' look like....(the one with the red roof) it closes during evening...where i was enjoying nasi lemak at that time. The red roof station is famously called Ho Kaw. For breakfast, they serve delicious pau, mee, roti bakar and soft-boiled egg. It's something like Ipoh Old Town but this one is more nostalgic and cheaper. You get the feeling of being stuck in the 70s.
(photo taken sometime ago)

After moments in Ho Kaw, we went back to college for some air-cond session, being a bit hot on the outside. After few chit-chats and meet up with some of the new lecturers, we proceed to the next station. Monorail. Yes, but undecided on our destination.

So Times Square is the place. And guess what, we decided to sing K! It was really Esther's first time being in a hippy Karaoke box. It's the best thing to do in order to kill time besides bowling and movie and at the same time spending less for a happier time.

Can you imagine? RM12++ for 2 hrs session if you didn't book earlier (3 hrs if booked earlier), plus lunch and free salad buffet. I can tell you, the food taste a lot better than another rival Karaoke box. But it wud have been better if they gave us buffet lunch straightaway....heheheheh....! I suppose RM12++ is an alternative to have other type of lunch that just require you to order food and eat and plainly chit chat with your friend. In such karaoke outlet, you can sing, see your friends sing, eat, laugh, and be satisfied. Or I would say, it's another way of having lunch, even if you don't sing.

Esther and Josephine - Esther's first debut performance

Oh, nice food!

We had an enjoyable and maximum satisfaction outing. Being in college, I can't see anything more that their nerdy faces. But out in Times Square, this 2 girl (woman) had certainly turned into some wild cats eventhough decently dressed. Tsk tsk!

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sarahmarilyn said...

karen i changed my blog add!!


and ohh u look great!! not trying to butter u up k :) reli mean it


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