Friday, 7 September 2007

The land of the mud

Now that I'm back in KL again....guess how it feels? HOMESICK! Gosh...but it also feels that I left KL the other day and now i'm coming back few days later. But in fact, it's four months since i left the city of mud. Well...I asked some of my classmate of this phenomena, and they said they felt the same way too. Perhaps we're just too used to the route to college, the environment and that it has no big impact on us whatsoever.

But the phenomena of seeing my ex-classmates and who will still continue to be my classmate in CLP as teaching staffs in the college makes me felt strange and stress. It's like going to court and see a bunch of smartly dressed lawyers while myself is not even qualified education is never ending. And we were told today, as a lawyer..reading must be a habit! So whoever passed their LL.B without reading more than 3 pages of their textbooks would not be able to get away so easily while practising.

Seriously, I wouldn't mind reading whole day if law books are as fun as Harry Potter. But law books can be fun me.

And oh, I must brag that I saw my fatty cat in the pet shop. He's huge! I think I can transform him into a comfortable pillow.

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sarahmarilyn said...
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sarahmarilyn said...

the moment we dedicated our lives to our respective professions, we are actually dedicating our lives to books :)

p/s: i was up there *pointingabove* and now im down here ;p


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