Friday, 14 September 2007

Normal Week

The title above shows that I have nothing interesting going on in my life. Well basically, my parents just left KL after accompanying me here for a while. Now that my classes are schedule on the weekends for the time being, I'm really craving for some meaningful things to do besides staying at home again. It's not that I don't want to travel around KL, but transportation is an issue. At the time being, I'm scouting for a nice and convenient place to stay.

With so much free time, I was able to finish my Favourite TVB drama --> "On the First Beat". Wow~all the male actors were very 'manly' especially Ron Ng! I think it's worthwhile to note that his expressions to the female characters were superb.

Ron Ng a.k.a. Chung Lap Man, has a pretty girlfriend (Ho Fa) who was studying in Japan. My favourite part of him and Ho Fa was before she decide to leave for Japan, Ah Man persuaded her to pursue her studies despite them having to be apart. He even bought her the air tickets. So, of course she was touched.
Ah Man is a kind of guy who is filial, passionate and care a lot about friends and he also has a temper to match. During Ho Fa's absence, he made good friends with Joey,a.k.a Nim Yan while having a disturbing cousin sister. The cousin sister was acted by Kate Tsui, former Miss Hong Kong. Ok, let's run to Kate's character first because I think she's quite outstanding.

Kate Tsui a.k.a. Man Ching is a rather loud lady. She speaks loudly and her actions are louder. She is also a passionate, cheerful and a physically strong girl. During her first few episodes, I thought that she was rather irritating because she doesn't seem to listen to people and her attitude is just annoying! She also has a huge crush on Ah Man and entered the police cadet so that she can date him in the future. Though so, she still make friends with Ho Fa and constantly used Ah Man computer to have video chat with Ho Fa.
I think in this serie, Ron's performance is the best yet except for few of his normal expressions which can be found in every likely series. Or perhaps I like to watch parts where guys have soft spot for their girl pals. It's akin to Taiwanese Idol series, but Hong Kong's are more realistic.
After "On the First Beat", I don't think I can find a more enjoyable drama to watch yet. Just like Harry Potter, no book can be better than it.

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