Friday, 28 September 2007

The week in summary

This week has been a non-stop interesting week for me. On monday, I stayed at home and became a 'domestic helper' which means, cleaning my own room and cooked 2 meals. On Tuesday, I went to FES office at PJ to help out with the iPOTS camp preparation with Esther and Rosey. Wish to congrats Rosey on her CLP success and the dilemma of chambering choices. I've got lots to tell about my day at FES, but shall be on a different post later. After FES, (it was Mooncake festival on tues) we went to our classmate's house in Wangsa Maju and had a gathering there. Shall tell you more in the next post too.

On wednesday, went to college and tried to study but end up having more chit chats and tea time. Thursday, was whole day out very busy. I watch a concert with Dom and some friends from college, seeing our college junior perform with the KL Young Singers. The show was awesome. I always like stage shows and live performances and still remember participating in the Drama Competition during form 5 in secondary school. When watching singing competition, sometimes I wish that I was gifted with a great voice and talent and that I can perform solo and entertain the audience. But then sad, my performance can only stay in the high soundproof karaoke box.

The night is ended with a tired goodnight and now it is bedtime......

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