Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I want to lick you

"Lick are my best friend"

Neighbour's puppy kept in the backyard. Very active and cute.
One of them (5 or 6 in total) got stuck and hanging on the fence today.
Helped us to gobbled up all the cat's leftover food (chicken and fish bones).

3 Yawns:

caloy said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on one of my post in my blog site.

You have a pretty nice blog, and that dog is extremely cute. I hope the mut is vaccinated.

Amos Atlantis said...

Oh my poor little puppy got stuck up in the fence. Haha!

Karen said...

I change my mind..dogs ain't cute. They cause injuries to the stray cats around my house. My beloved stray cat has facial injuries now. Her eyes are filled with pus and she barely respond to me calling. And it hurts me deeply.


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