Friday, 1 January 2010

Should I have New Year Resolutions?

I only remember my New Year Resolution for as long as the first 2 weeks of January.

After that, it'll be like, "Huh?"

But because New Year is so festive and I'll have a day off, I think a New Year Resolution will add some cheer before the workload comes in like huge tsunami. ARGH!

What I may want to achieve in 2010 is.......

1. Going holiday and take terrific pictures with my loyal Canon Ixus 650
2. Find what I'm going to do in life (I'm still very lost!)
3. Get DSLR (seriously)
4. Read more novels, watch more movies/dramas
5. Expand friends
6. Decorate my house
7. Enter and complete Project 365
8. Look prettier 


4 Yawns:

Domie said...

Hey, very classy outlook. Hope u manage to achieve yr resolutions.

Look prettier---u are already pretty..

kenwooi said...

i dont have a new year resolution.. hhaa..
anyway, happy new year 2010! =)

Karen said...

Dom and Kenwooi, Happy New Year!

` Yi Han said...

Hey there, nice blog :)


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