Wednesday, 6 January 2010

What will you do when your brain can't stop thinking about going for holidays??!!!

I've got so many places that I want to go while I'm still young, eg:
1. Pasir Chagar Hutang at Redang;
2. Koh Samui / Phuket;
3. Go for massage (!) at Bali or visit Sulawesi
4. Angkor Wat (again)
5. Vietnam
6. Batanes, Philippines
7. Outward bound school that offers camping at island
8. Hot Springs
9. China
10. Silk Road
11. Maybe Kazakhstan (Central Asia mah)
12. Take train to Tibet

How to stay focus? How to stay focus??

Update 19:00hrs: I'm going for a short trip tomorrow! Yeay!

9 Yawns:

jfook said...

STAY FOCUS!!!! LOL. Slap slap!

Karen said...

*gasp! omg're so evil. haha! said...


yes, some of the places you mentioned I've been and yes, they are wonderful places.

I am going option 3 next week though


How nice to be able to go for holidays...

If I have munny, I will go to Ireland, definitely!

Ninja Coffee said...

I heard OBS Hong Kong does that. Comping in an island. Solo camp, each one gets one island.

Anyways, the last photo is really nice. Makes me wanna go for a holiday too. Cis cis, I'm getting out of focus dy~~~~

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

work hard, work smart, save money then go..dun spend money on unnecessary stuff such as at home etc..u sure will be able to save money to visit those places d :D

Karen said...

Daniel : Enjoy your trip! Bring back some nice photos too

Ihsan: I think Ireland is a nice place though, and also Scotland but then yeah the cost is rather high.

Coffee: One island one person? Too challenging perhaps. If 2 person still ok, at least can chit chat at night. HEhe

Of Travels: and also to book air-tickets at the right time :-) Cheers!

jam said...

Tibet is always my dream destination!

Alpha Ace said...

nice pics ... i wan 2 go too~


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