Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Intriguing People

My 2 weeks encounter with different types of people. Real and this is what I think of them

The Heartbroken

They're sad, they're heartbroken. But God knows why. The whole world turned against him and there's no more light at the end of the tunnel (very morbid, huh). All of sudden, he has turn philosophical pouring all the wise sayings. Deep inside, he's very, very hurt. Unless you have an anti-dote to his misery, it's best not to say anything to aggravate his hurt. Shhhhh...

The Religious Leader

He's the leader, the shepherd of his flock. He brings people closer to the Divine One. He teaches the Words of the Almighty One. But if he teaches falsely, then I don't know what will happen. 

The Activist

He holds rights highly. If your rights are trampled on, he will come to your rescue fighting it to the very core. Every human has a right to breathe, food, shelter, air, marriage, religion, speech etc etc. Ah...speaking about freedom of speech, please don't hold him back even though he starts cursing and hurling all sorts of abuses. Because that's his right after all. A right to curse.

The Fence Sitter

He is neither supporting or against anyone. Atas pagar, we call him. He likes to look at both sides of the coin, both sides of the argument, both sides of the extreme. A neutral guy, I would say. In real life, we will only sit on the fence if we are clueless on what's going on. But towards the end of the day we would still need to make a stand. It's total bullshit he says that he's neither this side nor that side - unless the matter does not concern him at all.

The Aggravator

This guy likes to create trouble. He love seeing people fight among each other, and he is in glee when someone quarrels. He will put more charcoal (or whatever fire starter) to a burning fire. The brighter, bigger the better. Afterall, life needs more excitement. :-D

The Counsellor

He is someone you look to when something is not right. He may not be a magician, but his words are like magic. He will use words alone to conquer all. Words and words alone. (*suddenly white dove flying in)

The Over Intelligent

He is smart. But he is over smart. He says thing which slaps your face without realizing that he's actually slapping himself. The more smart thing he says, the more ugliness you see in him. To categorize him otherwise would not do him justice, afterall he's smart to say smart things. But just maybe at the wrong time. Sigh! What a wasted talent.

The Mastermind

You'll never find out who he is. He operates silently. He has loads of willing assistants. He is smart. Of all, his mind is the most intriguing. Even if you can get hold of his brain and dissect it (literally), you'll never find the answer. For you will only find gooey brain cells and blood vein.  If only you can ask him; why?

The Joker

Well, if you have ample free time then he'll be good to hang around with. He can talk A-Z and perform funny stunts - stop short of being an entertainer. Some can take him seriously, some can't. 

The Debater

Like The Counsellor, he's gifted with words. If he speaks, his voice will be the loudest. If he writes, he will write with a sword (too dramatic!). You will never ever, never ever win the war of words against him unless you are a debater yourself. If you happened to accidentally trip on his 'tail', NAH! he will give you 10 salient reasons on why you are wrong and another 5 ways on how you should apologize. Enough said, he said.

The Peacemaker

He loves peace. He will hate The Aggravator unless he's real bored. He will dislike The Over Intelligent for stirring up the unnecessary. For decades (or centuries) he will not be tired calling for peace. "CAN'T YOU ALL STOP FIGHTING FOR A SECOND??!!".  So, can you all stop bickering there? The Peacemaker needs a rest. 

The Observer

I will call them the hunter as well. Like cats preying, he will observe quietly underneath (the blanket). He will not let the sound of his breathe give him away (wonder if he will suffocate and die). His eyes will look for any suspicious creatures lurking around. He will smell if danger is coming ahead. His ears will listen to all movement changes. He will wait patiently. Hmhm...

He sensed some movement! Immediately he text everyone in his mobile, tweet and updated his Facebook status of the impending danger. 

"RUN!! The cockroach just flew out from my toilet!"

2 Yawns:

MeL said...

nicely done (^^.)

Domic said...

Thw writter of this post fits into the category of 'The Observer'.

The writter observes and reports on her observation.



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