Sunday, 3 January 2010

3.1.2010 - The movie ticket

Cheapest cinema in KK - The Growball Cinemax. RM7.00 per show during weekends. RM5.00 for students.

But behold, because you'll hear some tone deaf singing from karaoke session next door halfway through your movie. You have to concentrate hard in the movie in order not to hear it.

3 Yawns:

Kelvin said...

So cheap, the cheapest in Singapore is SG6.00 for students!

Chan Clement said...

hmm, hearing those tone deaf singing while watching a movie is really annoying. i can imagine that. No one complain about it?

Karen said...

Kelvin, not too bad lar if you pay in S$. Don't convert to RM. If convert, I will get heart-attack..haha!

Clement, I doubt they want to spend more to put more paddings on the wall etc. The noises from outside will only come once, so I guess a lot would not be bothered fussing.


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