Monday, 28 December 2009

Gaya Street

Kota Kinabalu most famous Sunday market - Gaya Street.

You can find everything there from newspapers, vege, exotic plants, rattan canes, handicrafts, memorabilia, tidbits, clothes, pillows to pets.

The traffic jam is even worse than normal weekdays when most folks will visit the area for banks, errants and food. Some cars when they are waiting for parking, they don't consider the long line of cars waiting behind. Then some car owners will take their own very sweet time before reversing.

Some scenes at Gaya Street:-

Cute Persian Tabby!
Cat: tail is very beautiful and long

A playful grey one

Only these 2 cats are still active by 11am. The weather was damn hot! Pity those cats. I want to bring them home!

Handicraft stall

The crowd

The plants stall

The 'gong' stall

And our new Suria Sabah, facing the sparkling blue sea.

2 Yawns:


I was at Gaya market last year! I remember taking pictures of cute baby rabbits for sale! =)

Karen said...

Ihsan, they still have cute rabbits there for sale :-)


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