Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My world in 2009

2009, aside from my holidays, was a great challenge to me. So I thought life after the horrible CLP will be blissfull. Whoa! Life as a chambering student is worse - like taking 10 subjects for CLP. All I remember about 2009 is that I was constantly tired. I see tired, eat tired, sleep tired. The only word  I could only mutter is t-i-r-e-d. That explains the massive drop in blog posts for this year.

Now that I'm back at Kota Kinabalu, I have more personal time for myself. I can finally breathe peacefully [unless I'm required to rush last minute work beyond midnight!].

Let me recall what I've achieved in the year 2009:-

1. Called to the Bar
2. Chambering for the 2nd time
3. Travelled to Cambodia and totally loved it!
4. Found a good hairstylist
5. Helped a foreigner to be released from jail
6.  Learn sign language
7. Watched movie with Deaf friends
8. Pack and move house/room 3 times - ENOUGH OF MOVING ALREADY!
9. Took an exam and failed terribly...hahahahah!
10. Growing more and more grey hair. OMG! Too shy to let my hairstylist see.
11. Fell really sick on my birthday, for 2 weeks. Somemore during H1N1 season.
12. Watched the greatest sunset from airplane before touching down at KKIA. God's best gift for me this year.

Serenity at Siem Reap, Cambodia

Yummy strawberry yoghurt at Cameron Highlands

The sun and the fisherman at a hazy sunrise- Kuantan

Reaching up to the high sky - Pangkor

And I still haven't own a DSLR.

For last year's compilation - [see here].

4 Yawns:

iyouweblog.com said...

same i need a dslr too! hahaha blogger mah!
nanged u! Cheer up ur couple by nang this and read how to make him/her a dessert!

The Little Miss said...

Whoa! That's hella a list u have there :D

Your fourth achievement caught my eye. I'm actually scouring a hairstylist myself. Mind recommending yours if it isn't a hassle?


Karen said...

Mine's at Times Square, Kimarie. I'm not sure if the guy is still working there (I hope he is) as I hvnt been in KL for few months d.

You can try the senior stylist in that saloon. They're quite good.

*choose the one that you have chemistry with. Hehehhhh

Karen said...

thank you iyouweblog..love the nangs ;-)


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