Monday, 14 December 2009

Say "NO" to coal-fired power plant in Sabah

Please help us fellow Sabahans to say "NO" to coal-fired power plant in Sabah.

Click here and here for more information and here to sign.

the process of a coal-fired power plant

I don't know how this diagram works. But I know the result of this diagram is something like this:-

Jerada coal power plant: The stacks pump black smoke into the atmosphere. There is coal dust everywhere. This pool of water is black from soot and the soil around it is too.

Read also here: Coal energy is rather efficient, and was cost effective, but is no longer used in many places for two main reasons: the first one being supply and the second being pollution. Coal is a non-renewable resource, and therefore, we will inevitably run out of it. We must be conservative with our coal use now so that we will have some left for later use. The major reason that coal power plants are not used though is the fact that they were huge producers of pollution. Coal is a fuel that burns with a thick black smoke that is released into the atmosphere. The smoke causes problems ranging from emphysema to discoloration of paint to even acid rain. These polluting effects of coal are caused by impurities within the coal itself. Because it is nearly impossible to strictly control a perfect ratio of fuel and oxygen, impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus will inevitably lead to the release of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other such pollutants into the atmosphere.

As we look towards the future of energy, we can see that coal energy is not an environmentally sound source for many reasons. The sulfur dioxide and nitrogen can bind with water in the atmosphere and create sulfuric and nitric acid, or acid rain. Acid rain can erode marble statues, kill wildlife, and pollute bodies of water. The large amounts of carbon dioxide released from the burning of coal increase the thickness of the atmosphere, leading the reality of a global warming disaster.


If SESB and TNB still insists on coal-fired power plant, then perhaps Malaysia should just pull out from the climate conference at Copenhagen. Just pull out lah...don't embarass us!

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Dominism said...

I will definitely say no to ‘Coal Energy’. It pollutes the environment and this idea of setting up such a power plant, brings us back to the Industrial Era.

Save Beautiful Sabah. Say no to coal energy.

Don Blankenship said...

Plans for a coal power plant in the Malaysian state of Sabah in northern Borneo have .Environmentalists say the coal plant could damage extensive coral reef systems,The slurry was generated by coal burning at the plant.
Don Blankenship


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