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My Top 5 Likeable Male Characters in Movies - year 2009

I've always wanted to do this in year end ever since I started blogging but always 'missed the dateline'. Finally I've got the time!

I hereby announce my Top 5 Likeable Male Characters in Movies for the year 2009.

I like these actors because they made me drool. HAHA! Ok, aside from that, perhaps there's one or two particular parts in the movie/drama that I like about them, eg: how they express their disappointment. I enjoy watching good movies. I will always watch out for good storylines and good actor/actress. Even if the movie is full of hotties but the storyline or acting sucks, I wouldn't waste my time drooling over it. Yes, trust me.

The top goes to................................

1. Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road - He's awesome, awesome and awesome. Aside from me drooling over his good looks (and the pair of blue eyes), I think his acting is even better. What more it's together with Kate Winslet, his onscreen lover. It's interesting to see Leo in a non-macho character but at the same time oozing all his sex appeal when he tries to take control.

I bet that the movie will just be plain boring without the Kate and Leo.

2. Lee Jun Ki in Iljimae and Time Between Dog and Wolf

When I first saw Lee Jun Ki in Iljimae at 8tv, I thought he was Jaycee Chan. After finishing the whole series, I again searched his other series and found Time Between Dog and Wolf.

I like him at Iljimae simply because I like him. He acted as this boy (guy) who saw with his own eyes of his father's murder You can read the synopsis here. Later, he and his family went into separate hidings. Government officials were looking all over to kill his family. When he found out where his sister was, the government officials hanged his sister in order to bait him. And his sister died before his very own eyes. SAD RIGHT??! Throughout the series, he appears to be goofy but deep deep down, he's very sorrowful. And Lee Jun Ki has shown us his abilities to display these mixtures of emotions.

And in Time Between Dog and Wolf, needless to say he looked even more handsome (except the last haircut in the final episode! damn sissy wei). Lee Jun Ki suddenly became very tall in this series. His face has not much expression and his eyes did most of the talking. I like it when he transformed into a 'bad guy'.

Lee Jun Ki, he's very pretty but at the same time, he won't make you feel that he's just a mere pretty boy. Well, all these is true provided that he doesn't lose any weight.

3. Qi Yuwu - Little Nyonya

When I first watched The Little Nyonya, I was asking myself, "Where are all the lengzai(s)??". I was probably watching the wrong episodes because I started at episode 23 when NTV7 was showing it. During that time, Chen Xi (by Qi Yuwu) have only frowning scenes. Of course lah, he couldn't be with Yueniang.

But then when I watched back the episodes from beginning, and then starting from episode 11, I thought.."Eh, not bad wor". I like him when he teased Yueniang over the chicken soup. I also like the moments when he and Yueniang were kidnapped by some local thugs.

Actually his character is quite sad. Spent most of the time being sick at the hospital and feeling anguish because he can't be with Yueniang. Kesian, kesian.

4. Zzen Zhang - Little Nyonya

I couldn't believe that this actor is not a bad guy in real life. In this drama, he is very evil! Always plotting to  create troubles. Not only did he rape Yuzhu, he also drive her into madness. His expression is very believable. Of course, of course...he's quite good looking. That is why even though he is the most cunning villain, I still find him quite watchable. Too bad he has to die in the end.

5. Show Luo in Hi My Sweetheart

Owhhhhhh who can forget that mushroom head Da Lang. But that's not because why I like Show Luo. In fact, I cannot even stand to look at the unnaturally thick mushroom hair. It is his facial expressions as Da Lang acting with the infamous hair that caught my attention and the small 'Da Lang' moments after he transformed back into Hsueh Hai.

The series is still airing.....

The 'idiot box' is never more enjoyable without good faces acting.

2 Yawns:

Joyce C. said...

Haha! We all have our eye-candy. I watched Little Nyonya for a little while too! I love the whole concept but the screening time clashed with my schedule...

Karen said...

Yeah I love that drama too! The themesong blends very well with the setting.

You can still catch it at Youtube ;-P


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