Thursday, 31 December 2009

Phone policy

Office Phone
There was once I spoke to a partner of a firm and he asked, "Karen are you sick? You sound very weak". 

People at the other side would always bellow, "Hello! I can't hear you!"

For this, I think it must be the office phone's fault. If only I can make it louder. 

I feel like a total idiot speaking to an answering machine. Let alone when other people is looking, and waiting for a reply from me. "Sorry, it was the answering machine".

I will spend half of my conversation saying for the 50th time "Hello?Hello? Can you hear me because I can't hear you".

I will spend another half saying, "Sorry can you repeat that? The line is breaking".

It must be "B"okia's fault.

House Phone
An antique at my house. Rarely use. As rare as a piece of rare steak.
All calls will be directed to my mom.

No interruptions for the first 5 minutes. Subsequently the same as handphone, sometimes worse.

The best so far. But if only I can change the ringtone.
This mode of communication depends on internet connection. Oh well, we all know about Streamyx. 50% of my online time is 'well-spent' reconnecting.

Voice communication is not easy, is it?

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Kitkat said...

I personally prefer GTalk. It's faster, clear and stable. I think there should be a way to change the ringtone, you should really google it :)


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