Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas all~!

Merry Christmas everybody!

I'm also having a Christmas theme for my 'original' blog at Paw Scribbles for a festive cheer (I still keep the blog address).

Happy Holidays!

The scene at Sacred Heart, Kota Kinabalu after midnight mass. My first try on my Sony Ericsson's C905 panorama feature. Everything looks perfect except for one part.
The proton Iswara looked as though it whizzed too fast. But actually I din't connect the pictures properly..hehehehe

1st try lah!


Finally changed my blog's theme! 
I'm so not used to not being able to post my pictures extra large. Have to resize one of my Pangkor pictures.

3 Yawns:

jfook said...

Merry Christmas!!~

Mike Yip said...

merry christmas

good try on your pano :D doesn't matter if the vehicle looks like it's whizzed by fast, if it's moving, u can't do anything from making it not so. :D

Karen said...

Thanks jfook and Mike, Happy New Year 2010 to you guys too!


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