Friday, 6 July 2007

Spelt with a 'H' - a rant

Today's topic is about hypocrisy. Groan, everyone knows what is that and it happens everywhere, anytime, however good anyone is. According to Collins COBUILD dictionary, it means the person pretends to have qualities, beliefs, or feelings that they do not have. But however, being truthful in these circumstances might not be the wisest thing to do! But sometimes being untruthful should be the silliest thing in the world.

First take for example, Anti Corruption Agency is supposed to work against corruption. Just imagine the Chief of ACA being accused of corruption. Or secondly, the once Education ministers who are supposed to be role model for the whole of the country's education system, instilling hopes for the young aspiring children, gave embarrassing statements in newspapers and unsure of his own direction.

Sometimes i recalled back to school age years, we were always taught how to be nicey people, polite at all times and have respect for others. But when im growing up (am still now) I saw those people who propagate or at least abettors to it, are the ones acting like monkeys in the parliament. May be if when looking at the adults around, I start to wonder, when I was young all adults seem to be nice people. They smile at you, showed you good toys, give you good books etc etc. But when I am in the adult world, I start to wonder where were all the childlike wonderland where everyone were taught to be nice to each other. Here, I see the world of bitter bickering, silent cold-treatment, back-stabbing and blown up big heads. In the working world, all I see now is money in the eyes. It's a regret to see all these and more to experienced them, and it must be torturous to be one of them.

As the 'most loved' Professor Hart puts it (all jurisprudence students, please give a big round of applause! *clap clap), every human in existence strive for survival. The 5 human altruism; limited understanding and strenght of will, limited resources, limited altruism, human vulnerability and approximate equality - all these are the weaknesses in the world for survival. He said that the law is encircled upon these weaknesses so that human can survive; eg: limited resources - therefore we have land law to regulate the ownership of land. Humans are neither angels nor devils, and due to this weaknesses, we cannot expect everyone to be generous and sharing. Hence, the tax law.

Even Karl Marx once put it that law is made for the benefit of the capitalist. The working class were exploited as if they're not humans. If anyone have read the story of Voyage of Zong, we shall know how slavery is outrightly cruel and inhuman. Reminising back, that's exactly how some people treated their servants, maids and anyone who is in the lower rank of the society. And it's still happening, slavery or not. As I observed at times, I saw how some employers gave commands to their employees as if the employees owed them their life. Again, the powerful against the powerless.

This is just a rant with no direction whatsoever. Thank You.

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domie said...

malaysian political scene is full of crap. And everything that is suppose to be independent ain't independent. Rotten Government


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