Sunday, 15 July 2007

Lee hom 改变自己- 王力宏.

lee hom-luo ye gui...

Wang Lee Hom's new album - Gai Bian Zi Ji (change me/Change my ways)- released on June 2007

Handsome guy with a beautiful voice. As talented as Jay Chou. I still remember the year when me, Jov and Allen went to Sunway Lagoon just to watch the album promo tour. We like other mui mui zai and go go zai waited for 2 hrs ,bathed in sweat before LeeHom arrived. But it's one of experience and certainly a memorable one.

I would think that his recent albums really stand out, in a sense that it resembles his true style and not just any Tom, Dick and Harry who sings because they're born with good looks.

I think he's one of the Asians who would stand up to their origins and be proud of it!

Both 2nd video and song title is Luo Ye Gui Gen.

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