Saturday, 21 July 2007

What?!!Carrefour and Tesco spoiled the Potter mood?

Is it destruction of a marketing strategy, hype, excitement, atmosphere etc? Im shocked to see the difference in the price but couldn't help feeling dissapointed that 4 major bookstore chains are not selling the book on the date itself! It's the final book and yet there's no one can line up to buy it. Now the craze shift to hypermarkets instead of bookstores. What a place to snuggle up and enjoy a book (Harry Potter only).

When I woke up in the morning, I thought i can enjoy the news of people excitedly to the bookstores and get their first edition (with free breakfast I heard). Mind you, it's the only time where people will be going head over heels for a book....(at least we don't see it for other books). Just like few years ago where people were lining up in the wee hours in the morning to get McDonald's Hello Kitty and the Bear.

Now, it feels as though Christmas is cancelled. (actually, i'm just sitting at home).
More later...

Latest update from KL ----> Tesco, Carrefour etc are having heavy traffic jams today. Looks like consumers nowadays don't buy into fringe benefits. Book readers might have 'betrayed' the 4 major bookstores, but hey, they're just making the most out of their money, especially with major 'erection' in the price of goods. From petrol to milo ais, and now rice, next will be income tax! Hypermarts might make some loss from selling the book at an incredibly low price, but they'll earn huge from groceries. Great, now everyone benefits. Parents will shop for their stuff, while the kids to line up and grab the books. Safe time, safe cost.

Malaysia memang boleh! Things like this can happen at the last minute. It's really shameful to the book nerdy community like me. Long live MPH! Penguin doesn't seem to be bothered, for at least they have pocketed the proceeds from Tesco and Carrefour.

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Fiona Yong Yee Set said...

i would buy d book if only kk has tesco or carrefour...!have u gotten urself d book yet??haihs sedih oo last book liao...i stopped at goblet of fire...but guess what i kenot tahan i read some spoilers on d internet on d last book...lmao!!

Karen said...

hahahahaha i also got come across synopsis online..but quickly close the window...managed to see got few guys died..
then when i got the book..tangan gatal go n see d last page......BUT luckily i din read.

So i must read frm the 1st page~ hooray!


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