Saturday, 14 July 2007

Harry Potter! (and the order of phoenix)

Finally the long wait! Besides having to see how the story is illustrated, i find most of my imagination while reading the book are quite accurate. This just shows how great is JK Rowling's writing. From this book, only i came to appreciate the British English more and dare I say, it's much more beautiful than the American's one (no offence), it's like if you want to hear mandarin, you go for the Taiwan or China's.

I must say some of the acting could be quite 'stage-play' like or mayb it's just british. But from the 1st movie, Daniel Radcliffe has improved loads and certainly we can see that he's the main actor (compared to the 2nd movie where Rupert Grint's acting shone more). Of course Emma Watson's always as good (and pretty too)

In this 5th movie, whoever hasn't read the book, you might find yourself unable or hard to understand the story. Of course given the thickness of the book, I'm sure they've tried hard enough to include all the important parts of the story. But they haven't tried hard to make Umbridge the most hated characted. The woman acted there looked sweet if not because Umbridge is an ugly toad-like woman.

The inquisitorial squad is also not hateful enough....hahahaha i think they were the silliest group in the book, always nosing for bad behaviours whereas these fellas in it were the worst. And in the book, Dumbledore's Army also tried hard to keep the meeting a secret. There was one time they have to use coin to inform the members the time of meeting. The Room of Requirement too was as imagined.

And too, although I know why Dumbledore avoid Harry's eyes, but those who just watch the movie won't even notice Dumbledore's cold shoulder towards Harry. And this i think is quite crucial to explain wht Harry thought he attacked Mr. Weasley in the dream, or more importantly why Harry has the repetitious dream of being in the same corridor.

However, since Harry is supposed to be kissing for the 1st time, i thought that Daniel and Kate did it more professional, or at least too passionate for someone under 18. I almost fidget uncomfortably in my seat. Plus, the recent news about him got naked in Equus, a theater play in London, it just got me thinking how his fellow co-star can concentrate in making the film.

I would think that the Ministry of Magic office is quite cool! Except that i din't see the fountain, or have i missed it?

The storyline in the movie is still very good, better than the 4th movie. And I enjoyed drooling at some of the actors hahahahahaha! I love the girl for Luna Lovegood, her voice is superb. Also i liked the part where there's Snape and his occlumency class.

I would say i really enjoyed the show again, wish i can watch 2nd, 3rd, 4th time!

2 Yawns:

Fiona Yong Yee Set said...

hey i shud have read the book 1st bah...u see i din rili enjoy the movie -_-" kekekeke!!

Karen said...

no choice la..even the actress also say the stories hv to be crammed..tml is the launching of the final book!


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