Monday, 23 July 2007

Saturday night~

Saturday was the nite. FierceJaws called to have round of photoshoots in open air. We should have went out earlier that night but because of Asian cup, it was delayed till the later night. But nevermind because I was enjoying my Astro Talent Quest where the Penang guy had tremendously improved his singing (the one that looked like Eric Moo), too bad the Sabahan were evicted.

Jaws is only back for 1 month or so after so many years not seeing her. So it's a rare occassion that we can hang out few times before she has to endure the 24+hr flight back to US. *PUI FUK!*

Let's then see some pics:

Me, Joslinna n Fiona


Jaws....dun go back so fast ler.....heheheh

7 Yawns:

domie said...

hi, cool pics :P i like the back ground

sarahmarilyn said...

woman! im jealous! o man i shuddav gone back..havent seen fiercejaws since the jurassic ages...karen, remember our nite out..the one we went for movie and shisha-ing at bangkok? it was around this time exactly a year ago...c how time really flies

Karen said...

tulah sarah u never come back...tot wan to hv another round of shisha wif u again.
but hope ur summer in Peney's just as great

Fiona Yong Yee Set said...

LOL!!!karen u still miss shi-sha-ing?if kong ever ajak again...i dont think i wanna hisap shi-sha again!!i hate asap asap....ya sad jaws goin very soon...less kawan to go out n talk funny things liao~~~~~oh u did u rcv 3 batch of phtos fr my cam ?still got more to come k...cos my email kinda jammed yesterday so rehat for a while...kakaka!!

Karen said...

i just got 2 batch only...i think u din send d 1st one to me...i'll be sending mine soon~~~

Fiona Yong Yee Set said...

oh ya??sot sot oo...i sent it to my yahoo mail too...all get back twice...hahah will fwd back u d first batch...

LiPing said...

Miss you gals. I hv not seen Joslinna for more than 2 yrs.


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